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MION K-5 is a weak acid fibrous cation-exchanger with a three-dimensional cross-linked structure.

It is applied in vent filters for air purification from ammonia, organic amines, alkali aerosols, in masks for respiratory protection from ammonia and amine vapors.

It is used in water purifiers for iron and heavy metal ions removal.

Functional group -NH2; =NH; -COOH
Linear density, tex 0.5 0.8
Relative breaking load of the monofilament, mN/tex, not less 80
Fiber elongation at break, rel % not less 15
Total static exchange capacity by 0,1N HCl, mmol/g 3.0 7.0
Swelling, g H2O/g fiber 1.0 2.0
Diameter, μm 20 40
Operational range, pH 1 8
Maximum operational temperature, 100


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