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Ilya Elinson, General Manager Imatek&K, Ltd.
Ilya Elinson
General Manager
Imatek&K, Ltd.

The history of Imatek&K, Ltd. dates back to 1991, to the foundation of Ecofil-Deco SPA. Imatek&K, Ltd. was established on the basis of “Ecofil-Deco” SPA in 2003. The company’s main objectives are the following:

  • development and production of new types of ion-exchange and chemisorption fibrous filter materials for water and air purification from toxic substances;
  • development and improvement of gas-cleaning ionite vent filters;
  • search and implementation of promising projects in the field of water and air purification.

Today Imatek&K, Ltd. is a team of highly quilified specialists (incl. Ph. D’s and Doctors of Sciences) in the sphere of filter material research, development and production, industrial and special gas- and water-purification.
With the help of our own solutions as well as domestic and foreign technologies our specialists have developed unique filter materials and filters enabling almost complete air and water purification from hazardous chemical and biological substances.

Filter material and filter production is organized on our own sites. “Ecofil-Deco” SPA  is the main production and technical site of Imatek&K, Ltd.

Imatek&K, Ltd. has the following departments: production and technical department, technical service, sales, customer service, and marketing department.

Working with Imatek&K, Ltd. you acquire a reliable partner, the whole volume of unique solutions to engineering tasks, high quality products, professional approach and attention to all your problems.

The work of Imatek&K, Ltd. was estimated at its true worth by many first-rate enterprises in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

This is really TRUE!

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