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Ion-Exchange Fibers
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MION ion-exchange (chemisorption) fibers and textile materials on their basis are designed for:

  • gas-air media purification from toxic admixtures of acid and basic nature (SO2, SO3, HF, HCl, Cl2, H2S, CrO3, NO2, NH3, organic acids and bases), as well as acid, alkali, saline aerosols (NiCl2, NiSO4, CdSO4 and etc.);
  • liquid media purification from heavy metal ions, radionuclides, organic compounds, surface active substances, dyes;
  • valuable component retrieval from natural waters and industrial wastewater, technological and waste gases;
  • substance concentration in analytical chemistry.

MION ion-exchange materials are used:

  • in the systems of ventilation emissions of industrial enterprises and agricultural complexes;
  • in chemical filters for “clean rooms”;
  • in the filters of input ventilation;
  • as filter-elements of respirators and gas-dust masks;
  • in the production of protective clothing for the industries with harmful working conditions;
  • in the complex filters of drinking water afterpurification from heavy metal cations, radionuclides and iron.

Possible application areas of the fibrous ion-exchangers are presented below:

* - tested in laboratory environment   ** - commercial application


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