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Fibrous Material Advantages

The main advantages of ion-exchange fibers as compared with granular ion-exchangers in the processes of water- and gas-purification are:

  • high level of air and water purification (95-100%) by low concentrations of substances absorbed (0.1-500mg/m3 in the air or 0.01-10mg/l in water);
  • variety of forms of ion-exchange (chemisorption) fibrous materials (staple fiber, “knop”, yarn, thread, non-woven materials) provides a large selection of technological process designs;
  • small diameter of monofilament (5-10μm) ensures large specific surface area of the fibers (0.5-10m2/g) compared to granular gel ion-exchangers (0.1m2/g);
  • high sorption-regeneration speed (10-20 times bigger in comparison to granules) due to the small depth of fiber diffusion layer makes the process possible in thin layers of the sorbent (5-30mm);
  • the realization of total exchange capacity by 50-90% under dynamic filtration conditions regardless of the concentration of the substance absorbed;
  • huge specific filtration (up to 30m2/m3) or contact (up to 80m2/m3) surface of the elements made of ion-exchange fibrous materials in the systems of gas and water purification;
  • low aero- and hydrodynamic resistance of the filter-layer;
  • possibility of continuous sorption-regeneration process;
  • combination of mechanical and ion-exchange (chemisorption) purification;
  • low power- and water consumption when used in gas and water purifiers.

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