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Acid Protective Clothes

The use of cloth and non-woven materials made of MION AK-22 anion-exchange fibers makes it possible to create protective work-wear with unique characteristics. The clothes protect from acid vapors and gases of acid nature providing comfortable air-exchange. Aerosol and acid drops are neutralized by cloth fibers.
The protective clothes produced by Imatek&, Ltd. are designed for protection of the people working under the conditions of concentrated acids influence (sulphuric – to 98%, nitric – to 75%, hydrochloric – to 37%, phosphoric – 98%).

Together with acid-protective respirators, glasses and footwear the clothes guarantee skin, respiratory, eye protection from acid vapors and small drops under the working conditions.

The costume consists of a jacket with a sewn-on hood and trousers, it is put on over underwear.


Protection time, hour

  • from acid vapors — 8
  • from fine acid drops — 8
  • from acid sprays  — 1,5

Continuous working time by +26°С - +40°С, hour — 8

Protective property safety, months — 12

Multiplicity of protection property recovery by means of neutralization — 20

Mass, kg — 2,4


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