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Water Fluorination – Water-Supply Relevant Objective


According to the data of World Health Organization, large number of caries occurences is connected to the lack of fluoride ion in drinking water. As preventive measures, the effect of chewing gums is estimated at 2-3%, fluoride-containing tooth-pastes – 25-30%. The highest preventive effect – up to 70% – is provided by the fluoride supply in the human body by means of drinking water.

About 90% of Russia’s population lacks the fluoride in drinking water. The analysis of drinking water quality in different regions of Russian Federation has shown average fluoride content in drinking water of 0.1-0.3mg/l, i.e. 5-6 times less than the physiologically essential norm.

Mineral sorbent Ftorator-F produced by Imatek&K, Ltd. is designed for correction of fluoride ion content in aqueous medium, including drinking water fluorination. It makes the creation of a wide range of fluoride-ion concentrations (from 0.1 to 1.5mg/l) in water possible depending on how applied. It is recommended for use in individual and collective systems (filters) of drinking water purification.


Ftorator-F is a material of inorganic nature in the form of granules of different shapes, 0.5-5mm size, bulk weight – 1.3kg/l. The material is insoluble in water and organic solvents, non-inflammable, thermally stable, toxicologically safe.


  •  provides stable, sanitary-proved fluoride concentrations in drinking water (0.8-1.5 mg/l) when filtrating under dynamic conditions;
  •  provides the possibility of creation (if necessary) high (up to 15mg/l) fluoride concentrations in technological media;
  •  provides a huge resource (1kg of Ftorator guarantees the emission of up to 60g fluoride and conditioning to the required concentration (1.5mg/l) of 60 000 liters of water by filtration speed of 600 hours-1);
  •  provides the concentration consistency of the evolved fluoride-ion by 10-25°С;
  •  does not change the acidity of water in the range of 3-9pH. the emission of organic substances and heavy metal ions into water is excluded;
  •   is licensed by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and Ministry of Health of Russian Federation to be used in the systems of purification and correction of drinking water content.



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