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Toxic Components Removal
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Toxic Components Removal

Toxic Components Removal

MION materials are used to purify drinking water from heavy metal ions, radionuclides and iron both in the form of non-woven materials and as a thread. They effectively remove Cu2+, Cd2+, Pb2+, Hg2+, Fe2+ and etc. ions. Purification level is 80-100% by concentrations exceeding maximum permissible ones 1-10 times.

MION filtermedia removes radionuclides (Po210, Ra226, Pb210) from water decreasing their concentration 20-1000 times.

Materials made of ion-exchange fibers are used in the filters of drinking water aftertreatment: “Barrier” (“METTEM-Technologies”, Moscow), «Rodnik» (“Sorbent”, Perm), MHE-30 (“Visma”, Ufa).


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